Experiential Videos

To help cope with COVID-19

The videos on this page are primarily experiential, or more "hands on," in nature. It is our hope to provide you with some helpful tools and techniques to de-stress and decompress during this tough time. We encourage you to utilize the videos on both pages for both a deeper understanding and awareness as to what you may be experiencing, as well as tools for how to cope in healthy ways. We will be adding videos to this page, so please check back! If there is anything in particular you would like to see, please email us at: Therapy@tssnt.org
Cloud Meditation
Presented by: Tabatha Gunn, MA, LPC-S

For when you have 5-10 minutes, this cloud meditation is a great exercise for anyone experiencing a difficult day and wants to take some time to unwind. Join Tabatha Gunn, MA, LPC-S as she leads you through this short, relaxing meditation. 

5 Senses Gratitude Walk
Presented by: Carrie Breedlove, MS, LPC, CRC

This is a great exercise to do when you have 5 minutes to dedicate to unwinding and decompressing. It's a great chance to be outside and enjoy nature too! Join Carrie Breedlove, MS, LPC as she takes you on a mindfulness walk to engage your 5 senses and practice some gratitude. 

Deep Breathing Techniques
Presented by: Caitlyn Worledge, MS, LPC

This 15 minute video details, demonstrates, and walks you through some deep breathing techniques; as well as a couple for kids. It touches on proper breathing technique, and why deep breathing might feel ineffective or uncomfortable for some people. 

Mindful Imagery Exercise
Presented by: Caitlyn Worledge, MS, LPC

This 5 minute video details a mindful imagery exercise. Rather than leading viewers through a guided script, Caitlyn explains how to create your own relaxing space utilizing your 5 senses. As an example, Caitlyn walks you through her relaxing, peaceful beach scene.

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